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About us

Why House of Greatness?

Inspired by 90’s fashion, our Vintage T-shirts are tributes to legendary icons of the past, today, and the future. These legends and their contributions have touched millions of people around the world. They are impactful visionaries and bold innovators in their own unique way. Some are gone but others are building their legacy and we can’t deny their greatness.

Mission: Our goal is to provide high quality prints, a great fitting vintage shirt and a satisfying shopping experience. 

The clothing industry is very competitive and we want our shirts to be unique so we invested in a high quality printer to execute our vision of a dope vintage style shirt.

When you wear our shirts, we want you to think about your own legacy. Are you satisfied? What changes can you make? What’s next for you?  Wherever these questions might lead you, remember to keep on building. 

Welcome to the House of Greatness.

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